Our Education Initiatives

Part of the Flagstaff Festival of Science’s mission is to connect STEM research professionals with classrooms and students all over Northern Arizona. Whether virtual or in person, the In-School Speaker Program is vital, especially for classrooms that contain populations that are underrepresented in STEM fields.  It is possible for a presenter to spark a lifelong interest in STEM for young minds.  Through our educational initiatives, we have connected thousands of youth with the joys of scientific discovery!

If you are an educator who wants to take part in the In-School Speaker program and be matched with a STEM speaker, we will contact you early in the school year (late August to early September) with a list of possible speakers and their areas of STEM expertise.  Then, the Educator Registration form (below) will be activated.

If you are a STEM research professional who would like to be a presenter for the In-School Speaker program, please fill out the Presenter Registration form below.

Presenter Registration

Speakers Bureau

If you are a STEM professional who enjoys interacting with K-12 students, teachers, and the public by giving engaging presentations, please let us know if you would be willing to be listed in our Speaker’s Bureau.  This is a list of STEM professionals who are generally available throughout the year for either in-school or public speaking engagements and willing to be contacted directly.

These scientists, experts, and speakers are available year-round for in-school or public presentations.
Bates, Bryan 928-226-4273 Email Coconino Community College Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Archaeoastronomy
Colbath, Kent 714-392-1397 Email Independent Geology, Volcanology, Paleontology, Mass extinctions
Feldt, Sara 928-526-3367 Email National Park Service
Gitlin, Alicyn 928-774-6514 Email Sierra Club
Haskins, Kristin 928-774-1442 Email The Arboretum at Flagstaff Plant conservation and plant ecology on the Colorado Plateau
Hull, Julia 928-255-3264 Email NAU & US Geological Survey Beneficial plant associated fungi, nonnative species, climate change mitigation
Klimowski, Brian 928-556-9161 x222 Email National Weather Service Weather, Climate Change, and Weather Modification
Metcalfe, Anya 954-729-7077 Email US Geological Survey Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Colorado River
Nelson, Mansel 928-523-1275 Email NAU – Tribal Environmental Education Outreach Program Environmental Chemistry
Propster, Jeff 740-334-7566 Email Coconino Community College Soil ecology, Nutrient cycling, Analytics
Rumpf, Elise 928-556-7029 Email US Geological Survey Geology, Volcanology, Planetary Science
Strohmeyer, Brenda 928-556-2185 Email US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Wildlife, Fire, and Forest ecology and ecosystems
Taylor, Megan 928-556-9161 Email National Weather Service Weather, Climate
Tsouras, Ted 928-600-4947 Email Southwest Archaeology Research Alliance Archeology, Anthropology
Vaughan, Greg 928-556-7006 Email US Geological Survey Geology, Volcanology, Yellowstone, Hawaii, Remote Sensing