Announcing the 2024 Festival!

The Flagstaff Festival of Science will celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2024 through “Accelerating Innovation,” a theme that explores advanced technologies and their impact on our world.


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Submit to host a workshop, talk, guided activity, or other program that highlights innovation, technology, engineering, research, or the intersection of arts and science.


Present Your STEAM Knowledge to Students!

You have the chance to be an in-school speaker in a classroom this year! With our program to connect science experts with students, we help develop a lifelong interest in STEAM for young minds!



Artist, Robert Long, on nature illustration

Conservation Ecologist, Jut Wynne, on cave exploration

Physicist, Ines Montano, on Quantum 2.0

Executive Director of TerraBIRDS, John Taylor, on environmental stewardship

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The Flagstaff Festival of Science launched a new app in September 2022 which is designed to give festival-goers a fun, convenient way to discover all the wonders of science that are in store for them!

Board member Brandon Lurie shares, “The app enables participants to tailor their Festival experiences to their interests. It’s easy for them to add events to their personal calendars and access all the great online content we’ve generated since 2015.”

The app offers many other features, including the ability to filter by event type, create a favorites list, register for online-only webinars or reserve a spot for in-person events. Participants will also be able to stream content from previous Festivals, including SCI Talks and keynote presentations.

Festival participants can download the app from the iPhone App Store (for Apple phones) or from Google play (for Android phones).

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Your generous contribution truly makes an impact to the Festival of Science and our efforts to:

  1. Showcase the outstanding research and science that occurs in and around Flagstaff.
  2. Highlight northern Arizona as a community that values and embraces science discovery and lifelong learning.
  3. Enhance linkages between art and science in Festival activities and, support community collaborations for science education.