Explore Stories in Stone in 2021

From buried Maya cities to prehistoric cliff-dwellings, the 2021 Flagstaff Festival of Science will explore “Stories in Stone” on September 17-26 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Archaeologist Jaime Awe, Ph.D., will lead off the free, 10-day adventure as he shares his zest for exploration, passion, and in-depth research of the lasting grandeur of Maya civilization.


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At Science in the Park, you are the scientist! With hands-on activities for you to make, test and have fun with math, science and art! At this fair, the whole community gets involved to celebrate science and the youthful joy of scientific discovery! Bring the whole family for this fun, free event! Submit your interest in becoming a vendor, using the button below.

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Learn More with Our Video Series!

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Empathy: It’s Not About Me with Chad Woodruff


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