David Painter, Flagstaff Unified School District

As a 29 year teaching veteran, with a special interest for math and science, I love when likeminded enthusiastic guests with a passion for the math and sciences come to my classroom to share, encourage and inspire my young students.

I’m a big believer in experiential learning and I love taking kids outdoors on field trips all over northern Arizona, and I believe in the power of wonderful guest speakers that I have been fortunate to have over the years from the Flagstaff Festival of Science. The program brings in unique individuals with that special passion for sharing and teaching that draws the kids in.

Students say: “That guy is cool and I want him to tell more stories!”

An awesome guest speaker that I’ve had in my class a couple of times is an expert on seismology. He came in and literally shook up the classroom getting the kids involved with his demonstrations and simulations of seismology.

Students can hear things from me being taught and be inspired, and then a guest speaker comes in, passionate about their career and further inspires their young curious minds to learn more.

Any time the guest speakers have stories, pictures, videos, samples to show, hands on activities or simulations, it just further adds to the in-school experience.
As an educator, I appreciate all the hard work behind the scenes that goes into planning such an important series such as the Festival of Science’s In-School Speaker program.