Speakers Bureau

This is a list of Flagstaff area STEM professionals who are generally available throughout the year for either in-school or public speaking engagements and willing to be contacted directly.

Bates, Bryan 928-226-4273 Email Coconino Community College Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Archaeoastronomy
Colbath, Kent 714-392-1397 Email Independent Geology, Volcanology, Paleontology, Mass extinctions
Feldt, Sara 928-526-3367 Email National Park Service
Giardina, Mariah 928-556-7377 Email USGS Fish biology, Colorado River fish population, Lee’s Ferry trout fishery
Gitlin, Alicyn 928-774-6514 Email Sierra Club
Haskins, Kristin 928-774-1442 Email The Arboretum at Flagstaff Plant conservation / plant ecology on the Colorado Plateau
Hull, Julia 928-255-3264 Email NAU & USGS Beneficial plant fungi, Nonnative species, Climate change mitigation
Klimowski, Brian 928-556-9161 x222 Email National Weather Service Weather, Climate Change, and Weather Modification
Loeffler, Mark 928-523-0369 Email NAU Department of Physics and Astronomy Laboratory Astrochemistry
Metcalfe, Anya 954-729-7077 Email USGS Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Colorado River
Nelson, Mansel 928-523-1275 Email NAU Environmental Education Outreach Environmental Chemistry
Propster, Jeff 740-334-7566 Email Coconino Community College Soil ecology, Nutrient cycling, Analytics
Rumpf, Elise 928-556-7029 Email USGS Geology, Volcanology, Planetary Science
Strohmeyer, Brenda 928-556-2185 Email Rocky Mountain Research Station Wildlife, Fire, Forest ecology and ecosystems
Tsouras, Ted 928-600-4947 Email Southwest Archaeology Research Alliance Archeology, Anthropology
Vaughan, Greg 928-556-7006 Email USGS Geology, Volcanology, Yellowstone, Hawai’i, Remote Sensing
Worssam, Jillian 928-606-6653 Email Scientists in the Classroom Wildlife biology (bones, skulls, feathers, animal tracks)