Join Us in Making the Festival of Science a Success!

The Festival of Science is a dynamic organization offering a wide variety of hands-on opportunities for getting involved in planning and executing the Festival. Everyone on our team brings value to the Festival, so we encourage people from all walks of life to join us—including scientists, educators, artists, parents and grandparents, businesspeople, and others with a passion for making a positive change in our community through science education.

We’re looking for people to contribute their experience, ideas, skills, talents, and time to fill the following roles, depending on interests and availability.

If you would like to learn more or if you’re ready to sign up, contact Festival Director Elizabeth Vogler at

Board of Directors

Contribute your time and expertise as an active volunteer and decision-maker on our Board of Directors.

Serving on the Board of Directors is the highest level of responsibility and commitment. Serving on the board equates to representing the organization in the community, promoting the organization and advocating for our cause. While serving on the board, you are expected to vote on action items, moving the organization into new directions; you are required to maintain high attendance and to contribute at meetings; you are required to give a financial contribution; and you are required to serve on at least one additional committee that makes decisions about the direction of the organization.

Commitment: Year-round (2 year minimum)

Board Member Application

Ambassador Committee Member

Participate as an active member on one of our committees, from Education to Fundraising to Programming.

Several ongoing committees contribute to the success of the Festival. The Education Committee meets monthly 9 times per year and organizes speakers in classrooms, connects science faculty and teachers with science opportunities in schools, and expands the reach and the depth of providing science education opportunities in our community. The Fundraising Committee identifies funding sources, cultivates relationships with donors, and assists with grant writing and applications.  The Programming Committee identifies speakers for the Festival, maintains timelines for event planning, organizes the schedule, and informs the tabloid publication. The Publicity Committee assists with a copy for publications and advertisements, distributes content and print for the Festival, and works closely with the Program Committee to communicate the essential programming to the community. Committee Ambassadors are required to contribute to committee meetings and execution of work, but do not serve in a voting capacity and do not attend board meetings typically.

Commitment: Year-round (1 year minimum)

Special Skill Ambassador

Use your valuable skills and network to help connect the Festival to other organizations. 

In Flagstaff, the network of non-profit organizations is crucial to the advancement of all of our success. Many leaders in our community could provide great insight to the Festival but perhaps cannot offer the time, energy, or commitment level as those required above. Providing a connection to develop new partnerships, ideas, and programs is highly regarded to Festival leadership. If your contribution could fall into this realm, we invite you to serve as a special skill ambassador.

Commitment: Year-round (1 year minimum)

Programs Ambassador

The Festival largely takes place over 10 riveting days in September each year. For a short period before, as well as during, the Festival seeks help from Programs Ambassadors to make the 10-day Festival a success. Programs Ambassadors take on specific jobs such as: distributing print media, greeting guests at events, assisting venues with passport stamping, collecting survey feedback, hosting special guests, and more!

Commitment: 1 month

Social Media Ambassador

Social media have become indispensable in this day and age, particularly with the impact of COVID and people getting their information online. Working with the Program Coordinator, Social Media Ambassadors will create and disseminate posts, help run and monitor online advertisements, assist with Peer to Peer campaigns for donations on Facebook, and more. Social media Ambassadors can help in 3-6 month commitments.

Commitment: 3 months

Student Intern

Student Intern

Gain experience and earn credit by committing to an internship with the Festival.

This student position is ideal for someone interested in science, science education, public relations, social media, graphic design, non-profit management, or marketing. Students from NAU may be eligible for 2 course credit hours per semester based on advisory approval. This is an unpaid internship.

Required skills include:

  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Driven to take initiative on projects
  • Self- accountable in a remote work setting
  • Savvy with technology, marketing and social media
  • Frequent and reliable communicator
  • Articulate writer
  • Flexible and able to manage multiple projects
  • Maintain joyful and positive attitude
  • Resourceful & willing to research to find content

To apply, students should submit a current resume, a cover letter describing your interests and experience, and contact information for 2 references to

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Commitment: 3-6 months or 2 semesters

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