Science Bedtime Stories from the Flagstaff Festival of Science presented by Bright Side Bookshop!

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Arizona authors read their children’s books for “Bedtime Stories”. Gather the family up and settle in to hear a story about a science themed adventure!

Nancy Marshall reads her action-packed book A Rattler’s Tale: When Wild Animals Encounter Humans. Captivatingly illustrated by a fisheries biologist, discover what happens when a skunk meets Mom in the shed and when the mountain lion lands on the family car.

Monica Brown reads her coming of age story, Sharuko: el arqueólogo Peruano/Peruvian Archaeologist. Growing up in the late 1800’s, Julio Tello spent time exploring in the foothills of the Peruvian Andes. His bravery earned him the boyhood nickname Sharuko, which means “brave” in Quechua.

Rodo Sofranac reads his illustrated story, The Red Tail Tale on the Arizona Trail.. In his book, Rowen, a young, red-headed explorer, and Rojo, a clever, red-tailed hawk meet, bond, and experience a wonderful adventure on the fascinating Arizona National Scenic Trail.

Don Lago reads All About the Grand Canyon. With rich storytelling about this natural wonder, our youngest science enthusiasts will also enjoy beautiful illustrations as they wind down to sleep.