Bates, Bryan 928-226-4273 Email Coconino Community College Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Archaeoastronomy
Colbath, Kent 714-392-1397 Email Independent Geology, Volcanology, Paleontology, Mass extinctions
Giardina, Mariah 928-556-7377 Email US Geological Survey Fish biology, Colorado River fish population, Lee’s Ferry trout fishery
Haskins, Kristin 928-774-1442 Email The Arboretum at Flagstaff Plant conservation / plant ecology on the Colorado Plateau
Hull, Julia 928-255-3264 Email Northern Arizona University Beneficial plant fungi, Nonnative species, Climate change mitigation
Klimowski, Brian 928-556-9161 x222 Email National Weather Service Weather, Climate Change, and Weather Modification
Loeffler, Mark 928-523-0369 Email NAU Department of Physics and Astronomy Laboratory Astrochemistry
Melhorn, Emily 928-864-8026 Email City of Flagstaff Water Services Water Conservation topics
Metcalfe, Anya 954-729-7077 Email US Geological Survey Biology, Ecology, Entomology, Colorado River
Milazzo, Moses —– Email Independent Planetary Science, Remote Sensing, NASA Data, Volcanology, Geology, Mathematics, Robotics, Solar Power, Electric Vehicles
Nelson, Mansel 928-523-1275 Email NAU Environmental Education Outreach Environmental Chemistry
Propster, Jeff 740-334-7566 Email Coconino Community College Soil ecology, Nutrient cycling, Analytics
Roybal, Carla 928-556-7011 Email US Geological Survey Terrestrial Dryland Ecosystems
Rumpf, Elise 928-556-7029 Email US Geological Survey Geology, Volcanology, Planetary Science
Russo, Brendan 928-523-8094 Email Northern Arizona University Civil Engineering and Transportation Engineering / Traffic Safety
Strohmeyer, Brenda 928-556-2185 Email Rocky Mountain Research Station Wildlife, Fire, Forest ecology and ecosystems
Tsouras, Ted 928-600-4947 Email Southwest Archaeology Research Alliance Archeology, Anthropology
Vander Zanden, Crystal 719-255-3162 Email University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Biomolecules and possible treatments for Alzheimer’s disease
Vaughan, Greg 928-556-7006 Email US Geological Survey Geology, Volcanology, Yellowstone, Hawai’i, Remote Sensing
Wilbur, Sara 541-531-3000 Email Translational Genomics Research Institute Pathogenic microbes, infectious diseases, and molecular biology
Worssam, Jillian 928-606-6653 Email Scientists in the Classroom Wildlife biology (bones, skulls, feathers, animal tracks, forest fires)
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