Now in its 32nd year, the Flagstaff Festival of Science is the longest continuously running, entirely free science festival in the world. In 2020, the Festival went predominately virtual, which allowed the Festival to maintain its impressive run and also bring in new audiences from all over the country, showcasing the spectacular scientific research, updates, and discoveries happening right here in Flagstaff. Our success in the virtual realm provided leadership to numerous other festivals around the country that were facing the same challenges and big questions. Thank you for being a part of our legacy. Below, you can find information on themes, view photos from past festivals and watch video content.


As the world has been adjusting through the challenges of COVID-19, so did the 2020 Festival: The Superpowers of Science! Despite the changes in the world, the Festival produced another quality season in science incorporating hands-on activities, interaction with scientists, and experiential learning! Although primarily virtual, at least two-thirds of the more than 60 activities included live interactive components such as chat messages or Zoom participation. In addition, the Festival incorporated free STEM kits to coincide with video workshops, which students, teachers, and families could access at home or in a classroom.

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Flagstaff Festival of Science Keynote Speakers and Themes

1990 – Arctic Explorer Will Steger “Science from the Ground Up”
1991 – Apollo Astronaut Jack Schmitt “Science at its Peak”
1992 – Geophysicist Larry Soderblom “Our Changing Planet”
1993 – Paleontologist Walter Alvarez “Science and the Future”
1994 – Space Shuttle Astronaut Linda Godwin “The History of Science in Flagstaff”
1995 – Space Shuttle Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar “Envisioning the Future”
1996 – Ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin “Discover Science”
1997 – Futurist B. Gentry Lee “Science the Ultimate Voyage”
1998 – Storm Chaser Warren Faidley “Forces at Work”
1999 – Aerospace Engineer Donna Shirley “Science Rocks”
2000 – Paleontologist Jack Horner “Huge Impacts”
2001 – X-Files Consultant/Plant Virologist Anne Simon “Extreme Science”
2002 – Astronomer/Comet Discoverer Carolyn Shoemaker “Stellar Science”
2003 – Volcanologist Wendell Duffield “Science Erupts”
2004 – Paleontologist/”Lucy” Discoverer Donald Johanson “Life Forms”

2005 – Treetop Biologist Margaret ‘Canopy Meg’ Lowman “Swing Into Science”
2006 – Maritime Archaeologist James Delgado “Dive Into Science”
2007 – Paleontologist David Gillette “Dig Science”
2008 – Hot Zone Author Richard Preston “Zoom Into Science”
2009 – Apollo Astronaut Alan Bean “Launch Into Science”
2010 – Biospherian Jane Poynter “Livin’ Science”
2011 – Space Shuttle Astronaut John Grunsfeld “Illuminating Science”
2012 – National Geographic Emerging Explorer Alexandra Cousteau “Making Waves”
2013 – Mars Exploration Rover Principal Investigator Steve Squyres “Life in the Extreme”
2014 – DNA Expert Paul Keim “A Grand Adventure”
2015 – New Horizons Mission Principal Investigator Alan Stern “Exploring New Horizons”
2016 – Polar Explorer Will Steger “The Science of Change”
2017 – Mountaineer Kyle Maynard “Engineering Solutions”
2018 – Autonomous Vehicle Expert Raj Rajkumar “Accelerating into the Future”
2019 – Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot General Charlie Duke “To the Moon and Beyond”
2020 – Earth Science Educator and Explorer Christa Sadler “Superpowers of Science”