Tune in this year to hear local authors read their children’s books right at bedtime, in a new program, “Bedtime Stories”. Each weeknight evening at 7 p.m. a new book will be released. Gather the family up and settle in to hear a story about a science themed adventure!

In one story, read by author Syl Allred, hear about the life of Cony the Pika, who lives high in the mountains, gathering wildflowers and grasses to feed him through the long, cold winters. When his home grows warmer–maybe too warm for pikas– children will learn about the challenges pikas and other animals face as our world warms.

In another tale by Theresa Howell, we hear the latest adventure of Scout Moore, Junior Ranger! When her family takes a special trip to the Grand Canyon, which is WAY bigger than her own backyard, Scout is totally amazed. She cannot wait to explore. She is determined to become a REAL Junior Ranger at the park. Scout’s story will inspire kids to get outside and explore nature for themselves because every day is a great day to explore!

In You Be You, author Linda Kranz tells the story of Adri the fish as he finds that each fish he encounters in the deep blue sea has something special to share. The pages emphasize an inclusive message that beauty lies in the diversity all around us. We just need to stop, observe and truly listen. You Be You inspires readers to always be themselves.

Each weekday night, discover a new book that you can share with the whole family. Join the Festival of Science for “Bedtime Stories”.