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Here’s What People Are Saying About the Festival!

  • Event of the Year - 2012 Flagstaff Cultural Partners Viola Awards

  • Organization of the Year - 2013 Arizona Daily Sun

  • “You can’t get a cup of coffee in Flagstaff without bumping into a scientist.” - Ira Flatow, Host of NPR’s ScienceFriday

  • “It sparked my interests in learning and developing a greater understanding of myself, nature and our intricate, interdependent relationships. The Festival provided me with numerous, invaluable experiences and opportunities for developing my inquisitive character and inspired me toward a life devoted to finding understanding of our place in the grand scheme of life, whether that be in the form of an imagination-igniting visit to Lowell Observatory to gaze through the telescope at distant lands, getting a hands-on lesson in soil structure from The Arboretum or listening to a speech by keynote speakers on topics ranging from dinosaur bones to Martian stones.” - Nathan Smith of Flagstaff

  • “I appreciate the Festival in a whole new way as an adult and look back and see how much it has influenced my life. Because I have now pursued science scholastically, I can get more out of the talks that first inspired me. I now see kids as excited as I was at that age, and now I’m the one who gets to inspire kids, the way I was inspired years ago.” - Samantha Christensen, Lowell Observatory

  • “If our young people are well educated and grounded in science and math,” says Harris, “they will discover and build the future, as science is the Endless Frontier. - William Harris, Ph.D., Science Foundation Arizona CEO and President

  • Science and discovery. The two seem part of Flagstaff’s DNA, given our city’s observatories, federal labs and research centers, and all those scientists over at NAU. This week is special not just for lectures and hands-on events but for the open houses that let residents get up close with the scientists who drive these institutions. They include the National Weather Service, Flagstaff Medical Center, the Fort Valley Experimental Station, Lowell Observatory, NACET, CCC, Walnut Canyon, Meteor Crater, USGS, Sunset Crater, Wupatki, the Arboretum and Willow Bend — among others! - Arizona Daily Sun editorial, Sept. 24, 2014

  • “We really believe strongly in the need to inspire science in education and to help students see the need in that. And to see that scientists aren’t weird, wild people.” - Otto Franz, Lowell Observatory astronomer

  • “We want people to see that science is much more than nerds and pocket protectors. It's exciting and fun and you don’t even need to be a scientist to work in science." - Steve Smith, W.L. Gore & Associates

  • “What really counts in science education is the future of Earth. We are the stewards, the protectors of that life. We must educate ourselves, make the right decisions for our children and pave the way so our children can carry on.” - Arctic explorer Will Steger
  • The Festival has become “one of the city’s signature events.” - Arizona Daily Sun
  • “This could really change someone’s life, knowing how important science is!” - 14-year-old Flagstaff girl
  • “I’ve heard a number of people say ‘this is the best Festival we’ve had!’ The students are really engaged in what they are doing. It’s such a bright community and that we’re displaying it is wonderful.” - Coconino County Supervisor Matt Ryan, District 3
  •  “It has made me think how science is so important to life.” - Native American teen
  • “The Festival makes me more aware and appreciative of the place where I live.” - 66-year-old Flagstaff woman
  • “Just wanted to thank you and the Festival of Science board for the wonderful last 10 days. It’s always a bit of a let down when it’s all over! I appreciate all the hard work required to bring about an event of this magnitude. Kudos to all of you! You all made a huge contribution to our community! Thank you, thank you! P.S. I made it to 22 events this year.” - Flagstaff resident Walter Weinzinger
  • “With so many events and demonstrations occurring at widespread sites, it might more aptly be called the Flagstaff Festivals of Science. Because there were more events going on simultaneously than I could possibly attend, I had to make some hard choices.” - Arizona Highways journalist Tom Dollar
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